Implement a multi thousand dollar online marketing campaign for pennies on the dollar by Keeping It Simple for your Biz online.
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  • Build A Professional Website for pennies on the dollar.
  • Get plenty of traffic to your web site through following simple Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques.
  • Get more traffic and social proof through utilizing simple social media tactics to get your business the buzz it needs to grow.
  • Learn the secrets to turning prospects into paying customers through simple online conversion sales techniques that are proven to work.
  • Engage and keep your loyal customers through simple email campaigns to let them know you care.

It’s hard to know what is the best form of marketing for your business.

It all can get expensive, especially advertising… But… no one can argue, that

Today, more then ever, having a website and doing marketing online is a must if you are to stay in business.

But there is a problem. Chances are, you are not a professional marketer… Let alone a IT specialist who knows how to write computer code, do graphics, and produce the websites that attracts a paying client.

When you stack the marketing tools of social media on top of it all, it can all seem pretty daunting and confusing where to begin.

You can pay someone thousands of dollars to do it all for you… I know… I’ve been paid thousands of dollars to do it for folks… or you can learn to do a little bit for yourself.

If your starting off in business, chances are you don’t have the $2,500 a month to rank at the top of the search engines, with a awesome website, and a social media presence Opera would be proud of…

Chances are, you are boot strapping it without knowing where your next mortgage or rent payment is going to come from. I’ve been there myself… And even if your not boot strapping it and you have 3 or 4 office locations, your worrying about the cash flow in order to pay your employees on time.

But when everyone around you is demanding thousands to build you a website and even more to have the web presence you need with Search Engine Optimization, it can easily get so discouraging you may not even attempt to get on the internet in the first place. And didn’t we agree earlier that we need a web presence in this day and age if you want to succeed?


Thats why I created I understand what it’s like to bravely dive into the entrepreneur dream without having the resources or knowledge to get to the top.

Thats why I started to learn Internet Marketing in the first place. I wanted to be successful more then anything in my personal training business.

But how was I going to succeed? I needed marketing, and I needed a website.

My first website sucked… it was on a service that offered a template approach in HTML that charged me $27 a month for a 7 page website. It looked awful!

My second go at my website looked sooo much better! But this time it cost $99 for the year, but I could only have one site and it was still a template… though it looked good, I had other ideas for websites and paying $100 for every website I wanted to create was just not what I needed. And I eventually outgrew the template.

Then I shilled out a whopping $2,000!!! For a internet marketing course called Product Launch Formula 2.0. It was the cream de le cream of courses. Though a great course, it still was not enough.

But what I did learn from the course was how to take control of my own website and my own destiny.

Though the course taught me all about marketing, it did not teach me about membership sites, SEO, link building, graphics, video hosting… and the list goes on and on and on with the road blocks I’ve encountered in my pursuit for a website that was supposed to help me get more personal training clients.

In all, I ended up spending over $20,000 on internet marketing courses to teach me how to market businesses online.

(I’m probably more passed $30K now, but who’s counting…)

I know that not everyone can spend $20,000 on learning how to do Internet Marketing, nor do they have the cash to pay someone else to do the marketing for them.

Even if you did have the cash for the education, it took me four years to get to a point where I really made money for myself and other people with Internet Marketing. I don’t think you have the time.

But… What I did learn about Internet Marketing is that, its not that hard at all!

The hardest part of learning how to do Internet Marketing was how to sort through all the Bull Crap!!!

If you even attempted to learn I.M. (Internet Marketing) for free off of YouTube or something, chances are, you got a lot of different stories on how to do things, and a lot of GET RICH QUICK OFFERS.

True, that some folks make a lot of money from the Internet, but if someone tells you that you can become rich over night just by doing this simple technique, or running this or that program… RUN!!!

There is no Get Rich Quick online. Only hard work and persistence. And doing the right things in the right order.

But… what you can do to make your life easier… is to learn the right way the first time.

Now… is not the end all to all Internet Marketing information that is available, nor is it the push button and money pops out machine.


I will share the meat with you… On how to do Internet Marketing… The Right Way!

You see, there are many ways to do marketing online… and many avenues and tools to use to get ahead… but if you try to focus on all the tools, you end up using non of the tools and you don’t move forward.


Your too busy in your business to waste time through trial and error. Dabbling in Facebook and dabbling in Twitter only to see no results. Not to mention the other 50 million social media websites out there you don’t know that exist.

You literally could get lost for years trying to figure all this stuff out on your own, all while you are taking precious time away from your business with no results.

Thats Why There Is

Keep It Simple Sweetheart for your Biz online.

With my money making experience, I will share with you the shortcuts to getting a website up and running for pennies on the dollar that it would cost if you were to hire a developer to do it for you.

In fact, I get paid $2,500 and up to build websites for folks, and I am going to share the very simple technique I use to build web sites in under 60 minutes.


  • You will learn the true concepts behind using your site to gain customers rather then have it sit lifeless as an over glorified brochure…
  • You will learn the secrets that helped one of my clients get 47 leads in just one month for his tree removal service!
  • You will learn the secrets on how to have a site up and running and how to use it to get more customers…. period.
  • You will be guided through the basics, and then the advance steps when you are ready, at your own pace, on how to get more leads and customers through the Internet.
What you will learn with your membership to
  • Website Creation – How to create yourself a professional looking website without using any programing languages.
  • Blogging – how to do it effectively, and why you must blog for success!
  • SEO – Is SEO really that hard? And what simple steps you can do to out beat your competitors on the Search Engines.
  • Social Media – Why social media is so important and how it all ties into your website. It’s easier then you think.

Each bullet above would take years to master, and thousands and thousands of dollars to have it all done for you.

You are going to learn the basics behind all of this and how you will utilize it in your business so you can start seeing more customers right away.

Building a website, or doing your own Internet marketing may seem technical and hard at first glance…

But… through all my experiences… I have learned the perfect way to simplify it all so you can do the meaty part of each section in order to use it and see customers within weeks.

You do not need to be a technical genius to understand these simple instructions.

Follow my instructions, and you will have a website up and running within minutes.

Follow my instructions to the T, and you can find yourself seeing more and more customers call you up then you know what to do with!

And thats a good problem to have!

Like we talked about earlier on this page, I have spent literally thousands and thousands of dollars learning this Internet Marketing stuff over the years. And I’m so glad I did, because now I can share this knowledge with you.

But… your not going to be charged thousands and thousands of dollars in order for you to get the knowledge that I had to pay for.

In fact… the course is not going to be a one off course that you take and then your done with…

The facts are… Folks tell me time and time again about taking classes that teach them how to do Facebook or other marketing classes that they pay good money for, only to walk away from the seminar still puzzled on what they need to do with the information.

It’s not that the course did not teach them what they needed to know… its the age old drinking from the fire hose is a little hard to swallow.

When information is forced down you… it’s difficult to retain it all. There are, however, some talented folks who love all the information at once, but would also like to have that information presented to them multiple times so they can retain it.

So in order to prevent this drinking from the fire hose problem so many folks complain about, this will be a membership program that you can take your time to digest all the information at your own leisure.

There is no deadline for you to complete the videos, audios, or articles that will be online for you. So…

You can learn and implement at your own pace.

And if you are a supper learner that wants all the information you can handle… and can’t get enough… well… new content will be added every month that will keep you occupied for hours on end!

It’s all here to help you succeed with your online marketing!

Think of it like a car repair reference manual you can use to change or fix anything you need… except this is for Internet Marketing.

With a membership to, you will learn what you need for your online success… without all the fluff.

How much is this going to cost you ask?

I was thinking about that a lot actually… because price is a very important part of Internet marketing…

Typically… informational courses with this information can run in the $2,000 and up range… but I didn’t want to charge that much even though I know it would be worth it…

There are also $300 a month memberships out there that provide a lot of the same information you are about to learn in this membership… but that is still not a good price if the boot strapper is to be helped… just like myself back in the day.

I think the right price range for this membership is between $47 and $97 a month.

A bargain for all the information you will receive so you don’t break your wallet while learning the meat and potatoes of getting customers from online marketing.

But since I’m just launching this membership as of recently, for a limited time only… and I will eventually raise my rates to $97…

I want to share this gift with you at only $47 / Month

Thats it… thats all it’s going to take in order to learn how to set up your own professional looking website that will give you blogging capabilities that the search engines love and connect with prospects on social media like a pro to produce the social proof and social buzz that keep your business churning like a well oiled machine!

Click this button here, fill out the form and I’ll see you on the inside.

P.S. If for any reason, you are not able to set up your website from following my simple laid out video instructions in less then an hour of your time online, please ask, and I will give you a 100% refund. This is my 100% no risk Guarantee.

And if thats not enough, for any reason in the next 90 days you don’t see the benefit of being a member of, send me an email and I will give you a full refund.

Click the button bellow and I’ll see you soon.

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“All I have to say is WOW! I recently had the honor and privilege to speak with Jeffrey Gordon Parker about improving marketing for my small business.

He is so full of information and eager to share. He genuinely cares about small businesses and helping them flourish in this down economy.

His ability to speak in plain English so those of us who know nothing about marketing can understand it is refreshing.

I left our meeting so full of information, I am VERY excited to get implementation on a lot of what we talked about.

AND the Coaching that he will be starting is going to help a lot of people improve their marketing too.

If you don’t sign up for the Coaching, you’re going to miss out on Jeffrey Gordon Parker’s brilliance.

Will recommend him to all my business friends.”

Karen Kroha - Profesional Jeweler
“Holy Cow…I finally got the opportunity to have coffee with Jeffrey Gordon Parker and the guy BLEW ME AWAY. My brain was on overload going a million miles an hour just thinking about endless possibilities.

If you need help with a product launch or just need help getting new customers through your doors I would not hesitate to tell you…call this guy!!”

Kieran Murry - Facebook Marketing Profesional
“Jeffrey Gordon Parker definitely knows his stuff when it comes to Internet Marketing! The consultation we received, alone, was worth it’s weight in gold! Thanks Jeffrey for your incredible ideas and enthusiasm! You have my two thumbs up!”
Amber Thiel -
“Jeff –

Thank you so much for your time yesterday – my world changed!

I am so impressed with all that you shared about marketing and driving internet business. Its one thing to know some stuff – its quite another to know what to do with it.

I am recommending you to everyone.

If a business owner really wants to succeed, they need YOU and your expertise.

Thank you!”

Cindy Slettevold - Escrow Profesional
“Jeff is very knowledgeable and fun. He is my choice for web marketing for sure!”
Carol L Stanley - Vocal Coach
“JGP knows his stuff. It’s always refreshing to sit down with someone who is truly knowledgable and passionate about what they do. Need a product launched? Want to drive traffic to your online biz? Hire Jeff and hang on!”
Stan Fletcher - Copy Writer
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